College of Engineering Awards

Harrison Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education

The Harrison Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education was established in 1982 by Doris A. and Stanley E. Harrison (B.S.E.E. '58). The recipient of this award will be honored at the annual College of Engineering Faculty Awards Banquet.

Not currently accepting nominations.


The award will be presented to a member of the College faculty in engineering or architecture who is in the early or mid-part of his or her career (within 15 years of receiving his/her Ph.D. or other terminal degree) and who has distinguished himself or herself through a contribution to the College of Engineering or society. Faculty members who received their Ph.D. or other terminal degree during or before 2008 are not eligible. The award will be based on excellence in teaching and the qualitative aspects of teaching; exceptional fundamental or applied research (either in scope or originality) in one or more areas of endeavor ordinarily carried out in the College of Engineering; or a single or unique contribution to engineering or architectural concepts, which is responsive to or has an impact on society as a whole. As a general rule, the award will be made to an individual (except under unique circumstances in any year that suggest a team should receive the award).


Nominations must be made by the department Chair or by his/her designee. The nomination packet consists of 1.) A letter of nomination, 2.) Pertinent supporting materials, 3.) No more than three letters of support, and 4.) The nominee’s curriculum vitae. Nomination letters should be brief and to the point, yet with sufficient information to permit a rational selection.

Reminder: The nomination letter must be two pages or less, and be on college or department letterhead. Include a proposed citation (25 words or less) at the bottom of the nomination letter. The committee may disqualify nominations that do not meet this requirement.

Selection Committee

The College of Engineering Faculty Awards Committee will evaluate the awards and make their recommendation to the Dean; as well as one or more senior representatives from the faculty of the College of Engineering, one representative from the private sector and one undergraduate member of the engineering student body who will review the nominations independently and make their recommendations to the Dean.

Final decision will be made by the Dean of the College of Engineering.


The application materials need to be submitted electronically and must be submitted by January 05, 2024.

Past Recipients

Year Awardees
2023 Daniel Gallego-Perez, biomedical engineering
Lisa Hall, chemical and biomolecular engineering
2022 Zhiqiang Lin, computer science and engineering
2021 Carlos Castro, mechanical and aerospace engineering
2020 Gil Bohrer, civil, environmental and geodetic engineering
2019 Thomas Hund, biomedical engineering
2018 Roberto Myers, materials science and engineering
Siddharth Rajan, electrical and computer engineering
2017 Jin Wang, electrical and computer engineering
2016 Eylem Ekici, electrical and computer engineering
2015 Junmin Wang, mechanical and aerospace engineering
2014 Marcelo Dapino, mechanical and aerospace engineering
2013 Jessica O. Winter, chemical and biomolecular engineering
2012 Andre F. Palmer, chemical and biomolecular engineering
2011 Fernando Teixeira, electrical and computer engineering
2010 Yunzhi Wang, materials science and engineering
2009 Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, civil and environmental engineering and geodetic science
2008 Hesham El Gamal, electrical and computer engineering
2007 Linda Weavers, civil and environmental engineering and geodetic science
2006 Joel Johnson, electrical and computer engineering
2005 Gregory Washington, mechanical engineering
2004 Rudy Buchheit, material science and engineering
2003 Jeffrey Chalmers, chemical engineering
2002 Ahmet Selamet, mechanical engineering
2001 Somnath Ghosh, mechanical engineering
2000 Gerald Frankel, material science and engineering
1999 Steve Ringel, electrical engineering
1998 Kevin Passino, electrical engineering
1997 Rajiv Shivpuri, industrial, welding and systems engineering
1996 Giorgio Rizzoni, mechanical engineering
1995 Vish Subramaniam, mechanical engineering
1994 Kosuke “Kos” Ishii, mechanical engineering
1993 Umit S. Ozkan, chemical engineering
1992 Randolph L. Moses, electrical engineering
1991 James F. Davis, chemical engineering
1990 Rajendra Singh, mechanical engineering
1989 L. James Lee, chemical engineering
1988 Robert H. Wagoner, material science and engineering
1987 Liang-Shih Fan, chemical engineering
1986 Gary L. Kinzel, mechanical engineering
1985 Gary P. Maul, industrial, welding and systems engineering
1984 Harry C. Hershey, chemical engineering
1983 Walter D. Burnside, electrical engineering