College of Engineering Awards

Faculty Diversity Excellence Award

The Faculty Diversity Excellence Award for the College of Engineering was established in 2007. The award is presented each year to an individual faculty member or team of faculty for actions and accomplishments that support the College’s priority goal of achieving excellence through diversity and creating an environment and organizational culture in which all individuals are accepted, respected and valued. Recipient(s) of this award will be honored at the annual College of Engineering Faculty Awards Banquet.

Not currently accepting nominations.


The award will be presented to an individual or team of College of Engineering faculty in engineering or architecture who demonstrate excellence and success in the development and implementation of models, strategies, practices and programs that foster and enhance diversity in the College. Dimensions of diversity recognized by this award include but are not exclusive to gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, physical ability, socio-economic status and political, religious and other ideological beliefs.


Faculty members of the College of Engineering may make nominations in the form of a nominating letter (two pages or less). Please keep your materials brief and to the point, yet with sufficient information to permit a rational selection. The nominating letter should address the following:

  1. Describe the primary activity and accomplishment that supports consideration for the Faculty Diversity Excellence award.
  2. Explain how this activity and accomplishment promotes the achievement of excellence in and through diversity and supports a culture that values diversity. What is especially outstanding and/or creative about this activity or program?

Reminder: The nomination letter must be two pages or less, and be on college or department letterhead. Include a proposed citation (25 words or less) at the bottom of the nomination letter. The committee may disqualify nominations that do not meet this requirement.

Selection Committee

The College of Engineering Faculty Awards Committee will evaluate the awards and make their recommendation to the Dean; the Chief Diversity Officer of the College of Engineering, a representative from the private sector and one undergraduate member of the Engineering student body will also review the nominations independently and make their recommendations to the Dean.

Final decision will be made by the Dean of the College of Engineering.


The application materials need to be submitted electronically and must be submitted by January 05, 2024.

Past Recipients

Year Awardees
2023 Gunjan Agarwal, mechanical and aerospace engineering
2022 Emily Dringenberg, engineering education department
Kevin Passino, electrical and computer engineering
2021 Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, civil, environmental and geodetic engineering
2020 Maryam Ghazisaeidi , materials science and engineering
Wolfgang Windl, materials science and engineering
2019 Jason Reece, KSA, city and regional planning
2018 La'Tonia Stiner-Jones, biomedical engineering
2017 Gonul Kaletunc, food, agricultural and biological engineering
2016 Jessica Winter, chemical and biomolecular engineering
2015 Lisa Abrams, Engineering Education and Innovation Center
2014 Rebecca Dupaix, mechanical and aerospace engineering
2013 Linda K. Weavers, civil, environmental and geodetic engineering
2012 Betty Lise Anderson, electrical and computer engineering
2011 Gary Kinzel, mechanical and aerospace engineering
2010 David L. Tomasko, chemical and biomolecular engineering
2009 Paul Berger, electrical and computer engineering
2008 Diane Foster, civil and environmental engineering and geodetic science
2007 Jose Cruz, electrical and computer engineering