College of Engineering Awards

Dean's Meritorious Service to Students Award

The Dean’s Meritorious Service to Students Award recognizes an individual outside The Ohio State University community for exemplary service to students of the College of Engineering and/or the Knowlton School of Architecture. This award recognizes the support to engineering or architecture students through classroom presentations, internship and co-op opportunities, scholarships and student organizations or activity support.

Not currently accepting nominations.


The recipient of this award will be honored at the annual College of Engineering Faculty Awards Banquet.


College departments and recognized student organizations and teams can submit nominations. The nomination package must include 1.) A letter by the nominator detailing the service contributions of the nominee to College of Engineering students and 2.) Two supporting letters written by people who are familiar with the contributions of the nominee. Letters written by students are acceptable.

Reminder: The nomination letter must be two pages or less, and be on college or department letterhead. Include a proposed citation (25 words or less) at the bottom of the nomination letter. The committee may disqualify nominations that do not meet this requirement.

Selection Committee

The College of Engineering Faculty Awards Committee will evaluate nominations and make a recommendation to the Dean of the College of Engineering, who selects the award recipient.


The application materials need to be submitted electronically and must be submitted by January 05, 2024.

Past Recipients

Year Awardees
2023 Dan Coombs
John Corkill
2022 Cornell Robertson, Franklin County Engineer's Office
Edward Herrick, Franklin County Engineer's Office
Fritz Crosier, Franklin County Engineer's Office
2021 Michael Winfield
2020 William Murdock, MORPC
2019 Elliot & Carolyn Ross
2018 Karen Murphy
Mark Eppich, The City of Columbus
Jason Sanson, The City of Columbus
2017 Cathy Wicks, Texas Instruments
2016 George Blankenship, Lincoln Electric
2015 Allen Sheldon, Honda
2014 Richard W.Treharne III, Active Implants Corporation (Retired)
2013 Tom Burns, The Dow Chemical Company
2012 Roger Schroer, Transportation Research Center, Inc.
2011 Tony Wells, Tony R. Wells Foundation
2010 Timothy A. Wolfe, MWH Americas, Inc.
2009 Dale Andreatta, SEA, Ltd.
2008 Ronald Harris
Eric Setzler, Burgess and Niple Megan Moses
Peggy Williams, Avantec Technologies, Inc.
Toula Xenikis, The Scotts Company
Monica Valdez, Nestle
2007 Brian Burgett, Kokosing Construction Company, Inc.
Charles Morin, Engineering Systems, Inc.
2006 Todd Rook, Goodrich Corp.
2005 David Straub, president, Ohio State Civil Engineering Alumni Association
2004 Richard Brandon, DOW
2003 James E. Wolever, Honda of American Manufacturing, Inc.
2002 David Trees, John Deere Tech. Ctr.
2001 David W. Jones, Contributions to the Steel Bridge Team
2000 Captain Scott Michael van Ooyen
1999 Craig Taylor