College of Engineering Awards

David C. McCarthy Engineering Teaching Award

The David C. McCarthy Engineering Teaching Award was established in 2007 in honor of David McCarthy, retired senior director of development in the College of Engineering. The McCarthy Award recognizes the contributions of College of Engineering junior faculty and staff to create more innovative and effective teaching and learning. Recipient(s) of this award will be honored at the annual College of Engineering Faculty Awards Banquet.

Not currently accepting nominations.


The award will be presented to a junior (assistant or associate professor or equivalent) faculty or staff member of the College of Engineering who has demonstrated excellence and innovation in effective teaching and learning.


Faculty, staff, and students in the College of Engineering may make nominations in the form of a nominating letter (two pages or less). The nominating letter should address the following:

  1. Describe the primary activity and accomplishment that supports consideration for the McCarthy Engineering Teaching Award.
  2. Explain how this activity and accomplishment promotes the achievement of excellence and innovation in teaching and learning for College of Engineering students.

Reminder: The nomination letter must be two pages or less, and be on college or department letterhead. Include a proposed citation (25 words or less) at the bottom of the nomination letter. The committee may disqualify nominations that do not meet this requirement.

Selection Committee

The College of Engineering Faculty Awards Committee will evaluate nominations and make a recommendation to the Dean of the College of Engineering, who selects the award recipient.


The application materials need to be submitted electronically and must be submitted by January 05, 2024.

Past Recipients

Year Awardees
2023 Rachel Childers, biomedical engineering
2022 Jennifer Leight, biomedical engineering
Paul Sivilotti, computer science and engineering
2021 Vicky Doan-Nguyen, materials science and engineering
Tyler Grassman, materials science and engineering
2020 Tarunjit Butalia, civil, environmental and geodetic engineering
2019 Annie Abell, mechanical and aerospace engineering
2018 Avraham Benatar, materials science and engineering
2017 Aimee Ulstad, integrated systems engineering
2016 Mark Ruegsegger, biomedical engineering
2015 Ronald Reano, electrical and computer engineering
2014 Sandip Mazumder,  mechanical and aerospace engineering
2013 Robert A. Siston, mechanical and aerospace engineering
2012 Lisa M. Abrams, mechanical and aerospace engineering
2011 James Gregory, mechanical and aerospace engineering
2010 Jessica O. Winter, chemical and biomolecular engineering
2009 Halil Sezen, civil and environmental engineering and geodetic science
2008 Richard Freuler, First-Year Honors Engineering