College of Engineering Awards

Texnikoi Outstanding Alumni

The Texnikoi Award was first presented in 1955 and has been given annually since then. The requirements of the recipient are as follows: A person who has risen rapidly in the field of engineering. A person who has made outstanding contributions through civic and social activities. Approximately 40 years of age or under. A person from one of the engineering departments not recognized in the recent past. The precedence has been established that a department should not be considered for two years after one of their alumni receives the award.

Not currently accepting nominations.

Texnikoi is an organization of undergraduate students in the College of Engineering that recognizes qualities of leadership, integrity and personality as exemplified by active participation and leadership in extracurricular activities. Each year the active membership of Texnikoi selects one of the younger alumni of the College of Engineering as a recipient of the Texnikoi Outstanding Alumni Award. This award is based upon their achievements since graduation, evaluated in light of the objectives of Texnikoi.

2018 Texnikoi Outstanding Alumni Award Recipients

Cullen Buie

Cullen Buie is an associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT. His lab explores flow physics at the microscale for applications in materials science and applied biosciences. His research is applicable to a diverse range of problems, from anti-biofouling surfaces and biofuels to energy storage and bacterial infections. In 2017, he co-founded Kytopen Corp., a startup that was among the first to be backed by The Engine, a venture fund launched by MIT. Kytopen offers a scalable technology for the discovery and delivery of genetically engineered cells for applications in cell and gene therapy.

Cullen has received many honors, including the National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award, the DuPont Young Professor award, the DARPA Young Faculty Award, and the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). In 2016, he was named one of the 100 Most Influential African Americans by The Root.

Passionate about mentoring the next generation, Buie serves on the Steering Committee for Academic Research and Leadership Network, which provides support to underrepresented minority engineers. He’s also active in the National Society of Black Engineers and is an associate head of house at an MIT dorm.

Buie received his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering (’03) from Ohio State, and his master’s (’05) and PhD (’09) in mechanical engineering from Stanford University. He also served as a postdoctoral fellow for one year at the University of California, Berkeley.

Jennifer L. W. Carter

An emerging scholar in the application of data analytics and machine learning to structural materials design, Jennifer L. W. Carter is an assistant professor at Case Western Reserve University.

Her research focuses on utilizing data science to integrate novel experimental approaches to explore the physics of microstructure evolution in interface-rich materials. The objective is to understand deformation mechanisms and validate physics-based computational models of microstructure and performance relationships. These models will enable the improved design of processing routes and application performance of metallic materials, for elevated-temperature environments such as power plants and jet engines.

In addition to her technical achievements, Carter devotes her time to STEM education and the inclusion of diverse viewpoints within her field. She is an academic advisor for students majoring in materials science, an affiliated faculty with the applied data science minor, and the faculty affiliate for the CWRU softball team. She is a volunteer for The Metals Minerals and Materials Society (TMS), currently serving as the chairperson for the Mechanical Behavior Subcommittee and the past chairperson of the Diversity Committee.

Among her numerous recognitions, Carter received the National Science Foundation’s Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award in 2016, ASM International’s Bradley Stoughton Young Educator Award in 2016 and a TMS Structural Materials Division Young Professionals Award in 2014.

Carter received both a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering (’06), and master’s in materials science and engineering (’08) from the University of California at Davis, and her PhD in materials science and engineering (’12) from Ohio State.

Past Recipients

Year Awardees
2018 Cullen Buie, ME 03
Jennifer L. W. Carter, MSE 12
2017 Adina D. Sterling, CHE 02
2016 Jonathan Blank, MSE 01, 02, 08
2015 Chakka Parker, ECE 02, EE 04
2014 Gary O. Spitznogle, CHE 98
2013 Tamer Ibrahim, EE 96, 98, 03
2012 James I. Hileman, ME 98, 00, 04
2011 Jackie Marshall DiMarco, ME 95, 96
2009 Daniel Wieczynski, ME 90
2008 Vineet Arya, EE, FCOB 93, 00
2007 John Russell, ME, 94, 00
2006 Karen Eisenloffel, ARCH, CE 83, 90
2005 Steven Auvil, ME 88
2004 John Rudolph, ISE 90
2003 Marybeth Lima, AG 88,FAB 96
2002 Nancy Porter, WE 85
2001 Richard Brandon, CHE 83
2000 Wes Blankenship, ME 86, 88, 91
1999 John Ludwig, EE 82
1998 Nancy Dawes, CHE 81
1997 David Tatman, IE 80
1996 Douglas Brown, CHE 78, 79
1994 Jacquelyn Kovach, WE 76
1993 Gary Tatterson, CHE 74, 77
1992 Colette Pierce-Burnette, ISE 80
1991 Karen Murphy, CHE 79
1990 Douglas Smith, CHE 68, 69
1989 Dr. Kenneth McKelvey, CHE 67, 68
1988 Jeffrey Rodek, ME 75
1987 Dr. Eric Grulke, CHE 71,72,75
1986 John Salladay, CHE 68, 68
1985 Dr. Eugene Jarrett, CHE 66, 68
1984 Bruce Wilson, MIN 65
1983 Kerry Hertenstein, CHE 71,71
1982 Thad Perry, ISE 67
1981 Karen Hendricks, CHE 71
1980 Thomas L. Thomas, EE 66, 66
1979 William Lowrie, CHE 66
1977 William Fuller, IE 48
1975 Robert Stafford, EE 61
1974 Thomas Eyerman, ARCH 63
1973 Philip Stevens, IE 56
1972 Larry Hench, CER 64
1971 Thomas Fitz, CHE 66
1970 Dr. Earl Dietz, CER 59
1969 James Bassett, LARCH 52
1968 Phillip Bowser, ME 50
1964 Kent Brandt, ARCH 51
1963 James Farst, CHE 56
1962 Dr. James Johnson, CER 47
1959 Robert Sessions, IE 48
1958 John Wright, MIN 49, 50