College of Engineering Awards

Lifetime Achievement Awards for Leadership

This special award honors an exceptional individual whose sustained pioneering spirit and outstanding leadership have inspired others and had a profound economic, environmental or societal impact. The award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated ingenuity, creativity and/or dedication to improving our world. There is no expectation or requirement that this award must be conferred every year.

Not currently accepting nominations.

Past Recipients

Year Awardees
2023 Austin Knowlton, KSA: BS 1931; Honorary PhD 1995
2022 Colette Pierce Burnette, ISE 80
2020 Stanley E. Harrison, EE 58, Honorary PhD in Humane Letters 89
2019 William G. Lowrie, CHE 66
2018 no recipient
2017 Robert M. Nerem, AAE 61, 64
2016 Ralph A. Rockow, ME 58, 58
2015 Thomas E. Claugus, CHE 73
2014 William C.Y. Lee, EE 60, 63
2013 Kurt M. Dubowski, CHE 47, 49