College of Engineering Awards

Distinguished Alumni Award for Academic Excellence

The Distinguished Alumni Award for Academic Excellence recognizes alumni for significant achievement in an academic setting with an emphasis on teaching, research or other contributions to education.

Not currently accepting nominations.

The Distinguished Alumni Awards were established by the College of Engineering to recognize distinguished achievement on the part of alumni in the field of engineering or architecture by reason of significant inventions, important research or design, administrative leadership, or genius in production. Nominations are judged by the college’s award selection committee on behalf of the college alumni office.

Past Recipients

Year Awardees
2023 Ashutosh Sabharwal, ECE: MS 1995; PhD 1999
Emily Talen, KSA; MCRP 1984
2022 Kenneth Ray Diller, MAE (MS 67, BS 66)
Aimee T. Ulstad, MAE 84
2021 Dr. Santosh Kumar, CSE (Ph.D. 06, MS 02)
Dr. Alissa Park, CBE 05
Dr. Nadine Sarter, ISE 94
2020 John E. Allison, METE 77
Linda Broadbelt, CHE 89
Nien-Yin Chang, CE 76
Rick Freuler, AAE (BS and MS) 74, CIS 74, AAE (PhD) 91
Daniel Gallego-Perez, BME 11
Dorota A. Grejner-Brzesinska, GEO and BSS, 1995 (MS and PhD)
Timothy M. Pinkston, EE 1985
2019 Peggy Agouris, GEO 88, 92
David C. Kraft, CE 64
Teik C. Lim, ME 89
Amit P. Sheth, EE 81, CIS 83, 85
2018 Heather Roberge, ARCH 93, 95
Richard E. Parent, CIS 73, 77