College of Engineering Awards

Distinguished Alumni Award for Career Achievement

The Distinguished Alumni Award for Career Achievement recognizes alumni for significant achievement in business or institutional leadership and/or professional accomplishments.

Not currently accepting nominations.

The Distinguished Alumni Awards were established by the College of Engineering to recognize distinguished achievement on the part of alumni in the field of engineering or architecture by reason of significant inventions, important research or design, administrative leadership, or genius in production. Nominations are judged by the college’s award selection committee on behalf of the college alumni office.

Past Recipients

Year Awardees
2021 Aisha Barry, CE 95
Dr. Jacqueline Chen, ME 81
Bill Clippard, ME 63
Donald Graber, Ceramic Eng. 66
Timothy Hawk, ARCH (MS 89, BS 86)
Dr. Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, CSE (Ph.D. 97, MS 94)
Edward Smariga, Civil Eng. 72
2020 Alan Blake, ISE 84
James T. Kienle, ARCH 67
Allen M. Lo, EE 90
Margaret Mkhosi, NUCENG 03 (MS) and 07 (PhD)
Raymond L. Nix, LARCH 92, C&RP 94
George Pantalos, AAE 75 (BS), BME 78 (MS), Physiology 83 (PhD)
W. Norm Shade, ME 70 (BS and MS)
Bill Dawson, CHEM 81
2019 Ana Amicarella, EE 87
Denise M. Burcham, CHE 87
Cecilia (Ceal) D. Craig, ME 74
Alex Cruz, ISE 90
Stephen F. Mozelewski, EE 87, BME 91
William David Rudolph, ME 83
Tim Schmalenberger, LARCH 80
James W. Smith, CE 81
Susan Vasko, ISE 79, 80
Michael White, ARCH 88
2018 Steven R. Stokey, ISE 87
William Murdock, C&RP 99
Burn J. Lin, EE 65, 70
James (Bill) W. Haywood, CE 78
Douglas P. Fairchild, WE 80, 82, 95
Daniel M. Coombs, CHE 78
Shellie Porter Caudill, CHE 00